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    St.Margaret's ChurchIn Halstead for nearly 1000 years !
    Open every day !
    Available for all !

    here has been a church in Halstead for a thousand years and on first seeing this picturesque building one could be forgiven for thinking it to be very old as it was built in 13th century style of knapped flint and red brick under a long sloping roof. However, the present church building was actually built in the 1870's in the grounds of the old cemetery and the old chapel now forms the chancel of the church. The building also contains two windows and some monuments from an older church which was demolished in 1880. Displayed on the wall of the North Room is the Millennium Mosaic depicting the village and all the activities associated with village life. There is also a board on the north wall of the church listing all the Rectors back to the 12th Century.

    Stained Glass window in the ChurchVillagers and visitors are always pleased to find the church door unlocked and many comment on the special atmosphere they feel in the building as they spend time in private contemplation. The churchyard also has it's fair share of admirers who enjoy strolling around the paths or incorporate it in their longer walk around  the village. One wonders how the church in Halstead will develop in the next thousand years.

    For more information about all the services, events and activities at St. Margaret's either contact the Rector: Rev. Tim Edwards, The Rectory, Church Road, Halstead, Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 7HD on 01959 532133 or visit our Website :

  • Who's Who


    Rev. Tim Edwards

    01959 532133



    Jean Peel


    Jean Peel



    Richard Hughes










    Clare Pollard
    Brian Shilling

    07958 715292
    01732 883766






    at 10.30 a.m - Sunday Morning Services

    Sunday Club

    Mrs J Thomas
    Mrs J Roberts

    01959 532664
    01959 535002


    JackieRobertsfor 3 - 9 year olds during services on 2nd & 3rd Sundays


    Mrs C Cooling

    01959 535195

    for 10 - 15 year olds

    Tots Praise

    Mrs J Thomas

    01959 532664


    for pre-school children and carers.

    Men’s Fellowship

    Lewis Grey

    01959 534243



    Flower Power

    Jean Peel

    01959 533180

    Jean Peel


    Churchyard Working Party

    Alan Brown

    01959 532361


  • Details of Services




    Sunday, September 2nd


    Holy Communion (BCP)

    Sunday, September 2nd


    All-Age Service

    Sunday, September 9th


    Family Communion (with a children’s group)

    Sunday, September 16th


    Family Communion

    Sunday, September 23rd


    Family Service (with a children’s group)

    Sunday, October 7th


    Holy Communion (BCP)

    Sunday, October 7th


    All-Age Service

    Sunday, October 14th


    Family Communion (with a children’s group)

    Sunday, October 21st


    Family Communion

    Sunday, October 28th


    Family Communion (with a children’s group)

  • Blue Envelope Scheme


    If anyone is unable to attend church but still wishes to donate on a regular basis then there is the blue envelope scheme which makes it easy to do this. You will be given these envelopes, which have weekly dates printed on them, along with a number (which represents you), so there is no form filling to do each time.

    You then drop this envelope off either

    • at the Rectory (through the letterbox) or
    • in the safe at the safe at the back of the church, or
    • with any of the churchwardens.

    If you would like to join this means of offering, then please contact :

    Lewis Grey
    Tel :   01959 534243
    Email :

  • Old Churchyard Site

    Halstead-Church-OldThe oldest ruins in Halstead are to be found at the Old Churchyard site at Halstead Place which is classified as a "Scheduled Ancient Monument". The first written record of a church was in 1120AD, but the church was almost certainly older and probably originated as the private chapel of an Anglo Saxon thane as part of his estate, now known as Halstead Place.

    The church was enlarged and altered over many centuries but, despite an extensive programme of restoration between 1866 and 1873, a surprising decision was taken in 1880 to demolish the church and build a new one at the current site of St Margaret's. As Geoffrey Kitchener mentions on page 65 in his book Millennial Halstead, much of the flint from the demolished church was reused and many ornaments transferred.

    Extra space for burials had been needed for many years, and in 1854 John Pelly Atkins the owner of Halstead Place donated land for a new burial ground, which was consecrated in 1855, and forms the main part of the present churchyard. A burial chapel which was erected on this land forms the chancel of the new church.

    An interesting footnote in the history of the village is the omission of the transfer of the right to solemnise marriage in the church when it was rebuilt, with the result that 112 marriages celebrated there until 1919 were invalid, and many villagers therefore illegitimate. The marriages were validated by an Order, confirmed by a special Act of Parliament in 1920. Some years later when Halstead Place became a school, the children of J B Priestley were pupils there, leading to speculation that Halstead's unlawful marriages formed the basis of his play "When We Are Married".

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