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  • Pilates

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    plankblogPilates is the buzzword in fitness today - yet it has already been delivering results for well over eighty years. During that time its devotees have included leading figures from the worlds of film, dance and professional sport.

    Pilates is a safe, effective form of body conditioning. It works by strengthening the core postural muscles; rebalancing the body and bringing it back into correct alignment. The result?  A longer, leaner body, because the exercises are done in a slow, controlled way, providing much longer-term results.  It is also a great way of relieving unwanted stress and tension.
    Because Pilates strengthens the deep stabilising muscles of the trunk, it is ideal for the prevention and treatment of back problems - one reason why it enjoys support from the medical and sporting professions.

    sideanglewblockClass numbers are limited to twelve clients, so that a high level of personal supervision and tuition can be given. 
    Beginner's classes are suitable for first-time exercisers. Private 1-1 sessions can also be arranged upon request.

    Mat classes consist of slow controlled exercises performed at a gentle pace.  Most are executed lying down on a mat, with some exercises in a kneeling, sitting or standing position.

    Contact:   Eden Summers
    Tel:   07984 782122

    To find out more about Eden Summers, the course tutor, please click EDEN SUMMERS.

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  • Yoga
  • Zumba
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